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Passion Java says #GaraMumbaIwe7 is gonna be lit as Baba Shero is set to perform


Passion Java the man behind the #GaraMumbaIwe online concert has come bearing good news for Sungura music lovers for the next edition of the #GaraMumbaIwe gig.

The controversial self-proclaimed Prophet has been keeping people entertained with his #GaraMumbaIwe shows that are being held online as he encourages people to hid to the government’s message to stay indoors as the country tries to fight the COVID-19 pandemic that has grabbed the whole world and killed dozens of thousands of people.

He has held 6 of the shows and they all have been magnificent, people have loved them mostly the one which featured Winky D and the one which was headlined by the Mudiwa Hood vs Stunner act.

That particular #GaraMumbaIwe attracted more than 26K viewers who watched at the same time during the live.


Now he is back again this Wednesday and the sponsor has given a hint that the great Sungura King Alick Macheso aka Baba Sharo will be one of the performing acts together with 4 unnamed surprise artists. Watch him below as he delivered the news

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