Home Politics Parliament seeks to recover 24 Cars!

Parliament seeks to recover 24 Cars!

Parliament seeks to recover 24 Cars!

Zimbabwe’s Parliament has instituted proceedings to recover motor vehicles from 24 ex-Members of Parliament after their employment was terminated.

According to a summons filed in court, Parliament, after the 2018 election, disbursed vehicles ranged from Toyota Prado to Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Hilux under a loan facility.

Under the agreement, the House would directly acquire vehicles on behalf of legislators to the tune of USD50 000 each.

However, as part of the agreement, any politician who ceases to be a member would lose the vehicle or pay the balance of the loan plus interest.

The respondents include Susan Matsunga, Murisi Zwizwai, Amos Chibaya, Bacilia Majaya, Happymore Chidziva, Lynette Karenyi and Helen Zivira, among others.

According to the papers, the members entered into a Vehicle Loan Facility Agreement on July 26th for vehicles to be used during their tenure.

“. . . The Parliament of Zimbabwe would advance a loan to the defendants for the purchase of a motor vehicle, the disbursement of the loan would be made directly by the Plaintiff to the seller or dealer of the vehicle.

“Members of Parliament will be solely liable for any increase in the price of the vehicle above the loan facility.

“In the event of Defendants ceasing to be a Member of Parliament before the expiry of their term of office for any of the reasons outlined in Section 129(1) (b-n) of the Constitution, the agreement would be terminated,” read the papers.

Some of the politicians had not paid anything towards the loan.

“At the time of termination of the agreement in the manner aforesaid, the total amount due, owed and payable to parly was the sum of USD50 000 since the defend-ants had not paid anything towards the loan.

“For reasons of the said termination of the agreement, you are obliged to return the motor vehicle to Parly or to pay the outstanding loan in the sum of USD50 000 or equivalent
in Zimbabwe dollars using the official or auction rate obtaining or paying the aforementioned sum,” reads the summons.

“If the court rules in favour of the parly, the organ seeks delivery of the said vehicle(s) within 48 hours of the judgment that will be enforced by police.”

Other legislators under the chop are Prince Sibanda, Earthage Kureva, Caston Matewu, Annah Myambo, Wellington Chikombo, Vir-ginia Zengeya, Dorcas Sibanda, Simampande Madolo, Keresenda Chabuka, Nomathemba Ndlovu and Tarusanga Dickson. All 24 members are yet to respond under the required 10 day period.

The matter is still pending at the courts.