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Parirenyatwa Explains “Missing” US$3.5 million

David Parirenyatwa

Parirenyatwa Explains “Missing” US$3.5 million

Parirenyatwa has taken the initiative to explain the missing 3.5 million US which was supposed to buy a Catheterisation Laboratory but reportedly vanished from the hospital coffers.

David Parirenyatwa

The hospital says the money was never missing as it is still in the hospital bank account but was eroded with the interbank market rate which was introduced on 20 February last year, The Herald reports.

This was revealed by the hospital’s CEO, Dr Manyawu, who said:

Government, through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, transferred US$3,5 million for the purchase of the Cathlab on April 24, 2018

However, it is important to note that this was after S.I 33 of February 2019 which established the interbank rate between the US dollar and RTGS dollar.

After this new Monetary Policy Statement, the US$3,5m was converted into RTGS at the bank rate and was no longer adequate to pay for the equipment.


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