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Panic as 2 separate car hijackings rock Bulawayo


Panic as 2 separate car hijackings rock Bulawayo.

The second one involved an unknown man who hired a Honda Fit driver to take him to Lochview suburb and when they arrived at his destination he tricked the driver into exiting the car before speeding off in it. Bulawayo acting police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube said the incident involving four men was being treated as a carjacking and robbery while the second is theft of vehicle.

Two pirate taxi operators lost their Honda Fit vehicles to unknown carjackers in separate incidents in Bulawayo on Wednesday night. The first incident involved four unknown men who carjacked a Honda Fit driver they had hired from Plumtree Town to Bulawayo.


“Both incidents occurred on Wednesday with the first one involving four men who hired a Honda Fit driver from Plumtree to take them to Bulawayo.

“The driver charged P400 and they paid him P200 before embarking on the journey. When they reached Emganwini turn in Bulawayo, they instructed the driver to drive to Emganwini suburb. “As the driver made the turn, one of the passengers instructed him to stop as he wanted to relieve himself,” he said.

“Instead, he moved to the driver’s door and opened it and started pulling him out of the car with his accomplices also joining in. Fearing for his life the driver escaped to a bushy area and they drove away in his car.”

Insp Ncube said the second incident occurred at about 11PM where an unknown man likely in his 30s approached a Honda Fit driver who had parked his car near Haefelis Restaurant and Fast Food outlet. He said the man requested to be driven to Lochview suburb and offered to pay $30.

“The driver drove him to a house in the suburb. The passenger requested the driver to wait for him as he was collecting something and wanted to go back to town. “He entered a house and within five minutes he brought an empty 20 litre container which the driver ordered him to put it in the car boot,” he said.

“However, he told the driver that he couldn’t open the boot, forcing the driver to exit his car and assist him. But he rushed to the driver’s seat and when the driver tried to pursue him, he pushed him to the ground and entered the car and locked himself inside before speeding off.”

Insp Ncube said both cars and the suspects have not been located yet. He urged motorists to be on the lookout as some of their purported clients are turning out to be criminals.


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