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Over 70 People Escape From COVID-19 Quarantine Centres

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Over 70 People Escape From COVID-19 Quarantine Centres

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has expressed concern over the increasing number of people who are fleeing from COVID-19 Quarantine Centres across the country.

In May this year, the government, through the Minister of Health and Child Care, gazetted Statutory Instrument 119 of 2021 that makes it compulsory for people entering the country to be quarantined, at their own expense, for 10 days.

The regulations stipulate that all people entering Zimbabwe must undergo a valid COVID-19 PCR test not more than 48 hours from the time of their departure for Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, inmates have been escaping from Quarantine Centres where safety concerns have been raised. Pindula News presents a police statement on the case:

The ZRP is concerned with cases of inmates who are absconding from COVID-19 Quarantine Centres across the country. From 19-21/11/21, a total of 76 comprising of 69 males and seven females absconded from Beitbridge Quarantine Centre. Investigations are underway.

Issues of absconding at the Beitbridge isolation centre have been on the rise since February following the withdrawal of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) which was offering security since its opening in March last year.

Some have been escaping under the cover of darkness, while others are said to have bribed security personnel at the point.

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