Outspoken Mukanya Puts ED’s Gvt On Blast


Outspoken Mukanya Puts ED’s Gvt On Blast

Outspoken Chimurenga music star Thomas Mukanya Mapfumo who is currently in the country after 14 years of exile took a dig at the current government by alluding that the takeover from ex president Robert Mugabe by President Emmerson Mnangagwa had offered very little change thus far.

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The music icon stated that the country’s future was doomed unless the youth took of the reigns.

“This is not the change that people are looking for,” he said of the new dispensation that swept to power following a soft-coup by the military, which facilitated Mnangagwa’s dramatic ascendancy to power.

“The people want a good leader — a man who is not a thief, a man who does not steal from the people, a man of the people, a man who will stand for the people, a man who will stand for the poor,” thundered the outspoken musician.

Mukanya does not believe the current leaders can turn things around provided that they were part of the old administration which created the mess in the first place.

“These guys are now old and I urge you youngsters to rise and stand up. This is your future, this is your country and do not let them destroy it because then you will not have any country,” he said.

“Just unite as a people and rebuild the economy of the country, stand up and say ‘enough is enough’.”However Mukanya believes if the change was bona fide then something good would come out of it.

“If they did this for the people then they should make people forget about the past; they have to work for the people and make them think of a good future. They should promote the lives of the people of Zimbabwe.

“And there is a lot to be revisited; there are a lot of issues,” he said.

“After 14 years away in the US, I come back to see people living in squalor, people are selling anything on the street and everywhere there are potholes. Amidst the poverty, you have others smartly dressed in suits and driving beautiful cars,” he said.

Mukanya however called on all Zimbabweans to unite for a better future.

“We are still one people, this country is beautiful but there are people who are destroying it,” said Mapfumo. “Where we are today, let’s put our heads together and build Zimbabwe, we have to love one another and unite,” he added.



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