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Outcry over butchery advert

Outcry over butchery advert

HATFIELD and Glen View residents have reacted to an online advert for their local butchery suggesting they buy dead and infected cattle for meat.

The butcheries, Million Meats in Hatfield and another one at Glen View One shopping centre are owned by Kudzanayi Kadzimu of Glen View 7 and were deserted on Tuesday following a social media outcry.

The advert supposedly by Kudzanayi Kadzimu Cattle Farmers Zimbabwe reads: ‘Tinotengawo mombe dzinorwara even dzakuda kufa call or app 0771775556.

However, Kadzimu disowned the advert saying his Facebook Page was hacked by unknown people who were after tarnishing his businesses.

Kadzimu dismissed posting the advert, saying one of his competitors could have hacked his account.

“We do not buy such cattle and any reasonable dealer cannot fly such an advert considering that there is great competition within the industry and health inspectors are ever at our premises.

“Besides that advert I lost $18 000 dollars from my Ecocash account and I have since lodged a police report about this.

“I will show you the reference number later,” said Kadzimu.

One of Glen View residents said they now fear for their health.

“I did not take the advert for granted because their meat is affordable as compared to other butcheries in Glen View so we are very worried about this,” said the resident.

“Yes inguva yenhunzi but zvadzinoitawo mubutcheey macho dzinonyanyisa apa unomuona iye Kudzanayi akagara mumotokari yake yeblack akatarisa.

“We are appealing to health inspectors to closely monitor these shops and consumer council of Zimbabwe to protect us from unscrupulous business dealers.

“Business has been slow during the national lockdown and some are now capitalizing on every situation to cover up,” he said.


Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi was a popular Zimbabwean socialite and businessman.

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