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Oskido rejects BAA nomination

DJ Oskido

Oskido rejects BAA nomination.

Oskido, the Kalawa supremo was nominated in a new category, Outstanding Arts Personality from Outside of Bulawayo. South African record label Kalawa Jazmee has rejected Oskido’s nomination at the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (RoilBAAs) saying he does not qualify for the gong.

DJ Oskido

With his Kalawa brand that has held Homecoming gigs for over five years in Bulawayo, it was fitting, well according to the organisers, that Oskido, who grew up in the city’s Luveve suburb, be recognised. But according to Kalawa Jazmee, they do not want anything to do with the nomination/award.

This was revealed by the record label after it was asked how it felt about Oskido’s nomination. “Please note that Oskido was born in Brits, South Africa and was raised in Bulawayo therefore he doesn’t qualify for the nomination,” responded James Mathenga, Kalawa Jazmee assistant in an email.

Kalawa Jazmee spokesperson Scotch Mathenga also confirmed that the record label had rejected the nomination. “Yes, Kalawa has rejected Oskido’s nomination. I can’t really delve into the reasons why, but the rejection is true,” Mathenga said.

Ultimately, what Kalawa Jazmee has said about Oskido with this response is that although they acknowledge that he was brought up in Bulawayo, he is a South African and identifies as one.

Oskido is a darling in Bulawayo as he, each year, hosts one of the biggest shows, the Kalawa Homecoming Party in the city. Every year-end, people are always anxious to attend the Homecoming Party which is mostly held at Queens Sports Club.

As such, Oskido’s Roil BAA rejection may be a setback as his name would have given the event more clout in the arts industry. If he insists on rejecting the nomination, it remains to be seen who the organisers will replace him with. Oskido had been nominated in the Outstanding Arts Personality from Outside of Bulawayo with Jah Prayzah and Winky D.

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