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OPINION – Chigumba reminds me of Tobaiwa Mudede


OPINION – Chigumba reminds me of Tobaiwa Mudede

BY Dr Gus Manatsa

Pricillar Chigumba reminds me of Tobaiwa Mudede- arrogant, Zanu PF sympathiser. A man who presided over biased elections for years.


What Mnangagwa fails to realise is that he is a coup president. Noone elected him. He has no legitimacy. He is one of the most unelectable politicians in the country. He inspires no one except those hardcore Zanu supporters. But then the hardcore Zanuists are fast becoming a rare breed.

But let’s give him benefit of the doubt. Mnangagwa needs legitimacy before any country or big business can consider investing in this country. He should be the one pushing ZEC to be transparent to ensure free, fair and credible election. If by some miracle, Mnangagwa is elected president in a free and fair environment, he will gain instant legitimacy. The world will be ready to talk business with him. In a nutshell, ED needs a transparent electoral commission than any other candidate in this race.

It is good for Nelson Chamisa to hold ZEC to account. The Alliance has had to return to the streets because everything has failed- letter, election agent, telephone calls. The Alliance has the numbers, it has the people behind it. Additionally, the Alliance seems to be the only party concerned with the ZEC disorder. All the other 22 presidential candidates seem to be satisfied with the ZEC shenanigans.

Nelson Chamisa is the only opposition party with MPs in parliament. It is therefore futile for ZEC to try to treat Chamisa the same as other presidential contestants. Only Chamisa and Mnangagwa have parliamentary representation. In reality, the contest is between these two.

Some opposition parties are fighting Chamisa, not ZEC, especially Obert Gutu and Thokozani Khupe.

There are real worries that ZEC is hiding the ballot paper to ensure Mnangagwa has an urge. Come polling day, Mnangagwa’s name will be at the top, while Khupe’s MDC will be placed next to Chamisa’s to maximise voter confusion. The MDC Alliance and MDC Thokozani have similar symbols likely to confuse voters especially seniors.

Given all this, it makes sense for Chamisa to use people power to get ZEC moving. Otherwise its back to the Mudede era.

By keeping quiet or being dismissive, Mnangagwa is further eroding the goodwill Zimbabweans and the world had given him. He is showing that he is no different from his predecessor. He is a dangerous smooth talker but very thin on doing anything effective.

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