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Operation Dudula branches to Cape Town

Operation Dudula

Operation Dudula branches to Cape Town.

It recently spread to Durban and other areas after being founded in November 2021 in Johannesburg’s Soweto township. Operation Dudula, a splinter group from a faction in the Put South Africans First movement, has branched to Cape Town.

The organisation is pushing anti-immigrant campaigns targeting mainly undocumented foreign nationals in South Africa. It has, however, in the past indiscriminately attacked foreigners, some with the required documents.

Operation Dudula launched in Cape Town this Saturday. The DA, meanwhile, is calling on residents to reject and stand against the extension of the operation into the city.

President Cyril Ramaphosa recently said the government is not working with and will not recognise any vigilante group as that would be endorsing lawlessness and anarchy.

Meanwhile, observers say the government was only paying lip service and doing nothing to stop the vigilantes who have terrorised and in some cases killed foreign nationals.

It is estimated that millions of Zimbabweans are in South Africa where they are economic refugees following the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy two decades ago.

Some of them are living in fear that Operation Dudula might target them after Elvis Nyathi, their compatriot was tortured and burnt alive last month.

Zimbabwean authorities have engaged their South African counterparts to register their displeasure in the manner the government has responded to the xenophobic attacks.

Source – Pindula News

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