Home LOCAL NEWS One of rumoured Tsvangirai’s lovers facing jail time

One of rumoured Tsvangirai’s lovers facing jail time

Aquilinia Kayidza Pamberi

One of rumoured Tsvangirai’s lover facing jail time.

A Bulawayo woman Aquilinia Kayidza Pamberi, who at one time was among different women suspected to be in a relationship with the late MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, is facing jail after a Bulawayo magistrate issued a warrant of arrest against her after she failed to pay a fine.

Aquilinia Kayidza PamberiAquilinia Kayidza PamberiLast year, two of Pamberi’s luxury vehicles, a Mercedes Benz and Nissan Hardbody were attached and sold by the Sheriff of the Court over a $5 000 debt. The debt, which instigated investigations into her conduct, led to the discovery of her scam, leading to her subsequent arrest.

Pamberi was convicted of fraud on 12 April and ordered to pay $500 fine by 30 April or face three months in jail. Bulawayo magistrate Miss Gradmore Mushove issued the warrant on Thursday after Pamberi failed to deposit the fine. In addition to the conviction, six months were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

According to court records, sometime in January last year Ms Chinyanda met Pamberi in the city centre, where she told the latter that she was seeking to raise $575 to pay the Deputy Sheriff for a writ of execution for a case that was ruled in her favour at the High Court.

It was then stated that on 16 July, Ms Chinyanda and Pamberi met outside a boutique in the city centre, where Pamberi asked about her issue that was in the courts.

Ms Chinyanda reportedly told Pamberi that the defendant in the issue had paid part of the money owed to her and also made an urgent chamber application at the High Court. Pamberi is then reported to have told Ms Chinyanda that she had a connection at the High Court, who was able to make a follow-up on the case. Pamberi is said to have later phoned Ms Chinyanda, saying that her contact had checked on the file at the court.

On 18 July, Pamberi again phoned Ms Chinyanda requesting for a meeting over the issue. When they met Pamberi told Ms Chinyanda that the said connection had requested $10 000 in cash, so that he could assist her with the matter.

Ms Chinyanda is reported to have told Pamberi that she did not have $10 000 but had $5 000, which she transferred to her bank account.

Pamberi is then alleged to have phoned Ms Chinyanda telling her that she should instruct her lawyer to go to the High Court and apply for a sit down over the matter. Ms Chinyanda then requested to meet the alleged contact but Pamberi declined, saying the contact was not at liberty to meet her, assuring her that “all was in order”.

On a later date Pamberi phoned Ms Chinyanda telling her that her contact had not seen any opposing affidavits in the said case. That is when Ms Chinyanda’s suspicions were raised and she demanded her money back, saying she should write an affidavit acknowledging that she owed her $5 000, which Pamberi refused to do.

On 7 August, Pamberi is alleged to have sent a picture of a bank transfer, where she purported to have transferred $2 900 to Ms Chinyanda’s account. However, upon investigations it was revealed that Pamberi had actually not done any transaction of that sort but allegedly forged the document.


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