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Olinda & Tytan Getting Back Together?!

Olinda and Tytan

Olinda Chapel using Tytan’s surname again sparking reunion rumours with the baby daddy. Olinda Chapel who sometimes calls herself Mai Nandi after her daughter with Tytan has re-in stored Tytan‘s last name on her name again. Over the weekend she updated all her social media accounts by adding back Tytan’s name back to her name.

Olinda Chapel has been the centre of Internet drama for quite some time. She doesn’t care who she targets and she doesn’t hold back her words. The weekend was literally hers as social media was and still trying to figure what’s going on between her and baby daddy Tytan.

Fans were sent into a hive of speculation wondering if Olinda and Tytan were back together again. This came after Olinda changed her Facebook and Instagram names from Olinda Chapel to Olinda Chapel Nkomo and the Nkomo name she added is the surname of Tytan.

She also fueled the speculation by posting this picture of their daughter with the caption Moomyanddaddy’s girl

She has had many running battles with Stunner and that particular episode of drama seems to not have an end in sight.

Olinda had also had a war of words with Tytan, her potentially her ex-husband. That situation might be reversed if the changes to her social media handle are anything to go by.

Source | MbareTimes


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