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Nyasha Mushekwi And Bae Celebrate Birthday

Nyasha Mushekwi And Bae Celebrate Birthday

Footballer Nyasha Mushekwi and his Eritrean-Swedish wife Arsema Ghebrehiwot, recently celebrated each other’s birthdays on social media, with his being the most recent.

The two have been serving serious couple goals for a long while now, since the public got wind of their relationship.

The couple are known for their drama free relationship, unlike a lot of public figures who play out their dramatic twists and turns on social media.

Taking to social media, Arsema wished her hubby a happy birthday

Happy birthday to the love of my Life!!. Cheers to annoying you for many, many years to come

Earlier this August, Mushekwi also took to social media to celebrate Arsema’s birthday with a video of their pictures, accompanied by romantic background music.

Wrote Mushekwi

Arsema, Since day one you blew my mind away,and till today you keep on being the amazing person you are. NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE TO YOU. A happy birthday mamie,I love you so much and enjoy your beautiful blessed day

Arsema is the epitome of grace and composure while Mushekwi is known for his generosity and humility as he doesn’t often blow his own horn when he does something.

They are one of the best couples in the Zim sports scene alongside George Chigova and his wife.

Most Zim WAGS are hardly on social media compared to their counterparts in the world who have amassed followers and fans.

WAGS (Wives And Girlfriends of athletes/sports personalities) are loved because they give a better glimpse of what life at home for our favorite athletes is like.

Nyasha Mushekwi’s mother also seems to love her daughter in law very much, as she often comments on her pictures expressing her love and appreciation.

Not much is known about the couple as to how they met, but it seems they met overseas where Nyasha’s footballing career is based.

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