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Nutty O, Gemma collabo on cards

Nutty O, Gemma collabo on cards

MBARE bred dancehall artiste Nutty O says he is working on a collaboration with songbird Gemma Griffiths.

His Bryon Kabaira indeed confirmed that the two were indeed working on a project together.

“Yes, Nutty O is working on a project with Gemma but at the moment I cannot disclose any further details as to what project they are working on,” he said.

Kabaira said ever since Nutty O got into the music business nothing much has changed.

“We would not say anything else has changed in the music industry.

“The only thing that changes is you and how you exalt yourself because the amount of work that you put in and the amount of positivity you maintain shapes your future.

“In this game, it is not easy but obviously from the time that he started singing, things are actually much better now. A lot of things are easier now maybe because of the level of the brand and how much work has been put in but generally the industry itself, nothing has really changed,” he told H-Metro.

He also said the problem with most artistes nowadays is their desire for overnight success.

“I think the biggest disease right now is artistes following hype.

“They are fashioning their craft in such a way they feel is going to please people now.

“Everyone is in a rush to just please people now, it is actually something that has to take time as an artiste to build a catalogue and a profile of work done as an artiste,” said Kabaira.

He added:

“It also takes time to actually build a strong fan base that supports you all the way and all the time.

“So, most artist just want to have overnight success, they want to have it easy, they are not considering all the tools that are required to build a solid artiste brand that can keep them sustained in the business.”

Kabaira said the secret to success is believing in yourself and carefully crafting your work.

“For those that are trying to make it in the music industry it is simple, work hard, work smart, believe in yourself and trust God.

“You also need to not always lose yourself will trying to seek validation, whilst trying to please everyone.

“I know it sounds funny but as an artist you are really never going to please everyone but you have to aim on gaining a big following, a lot of people that actually support you.

“The moment you try and balance it off and please everyone you lose yourself in that process because this creativity has to be guided by a vision and also by a mission which is a more immediate roadmap as to how you are going to be doing your things,” he said.