NUST STUDENT PICTURES GO VIRAL | A second year National Uni of Science and Technology (NUST) Chemical Engineering student’s pictures have leaked and gone viral on social media.


The student who only identified herself as Tiffany said it is only her lover that was in possession of the leaked pictures.She however, refused to divulge the lover’s name.

Tiffany was rather evasive on who leaked the pictures.

“Who sent my information to you and that picture its my ‘bae’ who got it, It could be him, but i doubt very much that it’s him who leaked them. He wouldn’t hurt me this way.

“My reputation is at stake here and what a story are you going to have with those pictures.Anywhere its someone i trust and love wouldnt mind being dirty with him,” said Tiffany.

She further pleaded with this reporter to bury the story and later became evasive.

“Please don’t write anything i beg you. Anyway if you feel like you have a story it is ok go ahead and i will be thanking you for ruining my reputation,”she said.



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