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NUST Lecturer Embroiled In Wife ABUSE Storm

NUST Lecturer Embroiled In Wife ABUSE Storm

NUST Lecturer Embroiled In Wife ABUSE Storm

A National University of Science and Technology (Nust) lecturer is at under fire for abuse following sensational claims by his wife that he was denying her the freedom to pray with their children at home.

NUST Lecturer Embroiled In Wife ABUSE Storm

Faith Mtisi claimed her husband Samson Mtisi was denying her the right to worship with children at the church End Time Message and that he was in the habit of economically and emotionally abusing her.

Through her lawyer, Faith said the abuse had made her “a slave” in her marriage where she was supposed to be an equal partner.

“I am married to Samson Mtisi. He has been emotionally and economically abusing me and the children. He denies me the right to worship with children at the church we have been attending since we got married. He also took from me the car which I had been using to ferry children to school and do other family business.

“He denies me adequate food. To buy certain items of choice I want, thus he wants me to go by his choices. He also denies me the right to pray with the children at home,” complained Faith.

Samson, however, accused his wife’s church elders and pastors of ill-advising her by giving her an impression that he was a “devil”. Through his lawyer, Samson accused his wife of abusing the court process with her application bent on “fixing” him.

“I have never denied anyone the right to worship particularly the applicant (Faith). In fact the applicant can confirm that she attends the church of her choice undisturbed and unhindered by myself.

He said the allegation of economic abuse was not an issue to be determined by the civil court because Faith had since approached the Maintenance Court and it was that court to decide whether such an allegation was indeed true.

In his judgment the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya removed the matter from the roll after the two parties’ lawyers agreed that their clients were going to be assisted through counseling.


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