Enock Nox Guni this week joined the ever-growing list of artists who have been used and never get paid by unscrupulous conmen masquerading as music promoters in Cape Town.


Our sources say the musician almost lost his laptop to a taxi driver who was chauffeuring him around after the “promoter” failed to pay the fare.

“Shumba” as Nox is affectionately known by his fans joins the likes of Guspy Warrior and comedian Bhutisi who fell in the same trap last year in the same city.

This time Nox was invited to Cape Town for Kudzai Muringani’s birthday bash last Saturday at the Maitlander. The man leading the party organisation was Shawn Makoni better known in the entertainment circles as “Shawn Cash”.

“I wanted Nox on my birthday and since Shawn said he knows Nox he was in touch with him and they agreed a fee. Nox said I should give Shawn the cash. I paid Shawn R3 500 for deposit and another R4 400 on the day of the show to pay off the balance as well as security. He then disappeared and the money I am told never reached Nox,” said a despondent Kudzai yesterday.

She sent through her bank statement showing a deposit of R3 500 apparently sent to Shawn for onward transmission to Nox.

Instead of forwarding the money to Nox, Shawn disappeared from the hotel and efforts to locate him have been in vain. He posted a long-winded response blasting Kudzai for “tarnishing” his image.

Nox’s management team confirmed the incident and insist they could have handled the matter better.

“It’s true the guy we dealt with is dishonest. He literally varnished from the hotel like a mosquito. We were not paid as per the contract ,” said Nox’s manager.

Kudzai is now counting her losses after having to source for funds to pay for Nox’s return flight to Johannesburg.

“God must just have mercy on Shawn Cash. I really apologise to Nox nezvaakaitirwa neshamwari yake after trusting him so much. This guy itsotsi haatorina pekugara kuno chigundu (homeless),” said Kudzai who confessed she made a loss after the show was filled by Shawn’s friends.

Meanwhile, it surfaced on social media that the same Shawn Cash is wanted by Joburg-based dancehall artist Joempiano. The musician claims he paid Shawn R1 000 to hire Bev’s Sexy Angels dancers for a music video. The money never got to the dancers.

Efforts to get Shawn’s comments or his right of reply drew a blank as his Whatsapp messages were not going through at the time of writing.



Marry Chiwenga nee Mubaiwa is an ex-model and the wife of Vice President of Zimbabwe, Constantino Chiwenga who is a Retired Commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces.


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