NOVEMBER EXAM PAPER LEAKS | H-METRO can exclusively reveal that an official Higher Education Examination Council examination for November has leaked, before the paper was sent out to tertiary institutions.


The leak came through Harare Polytechnic students who felt betrayed by one of the students who had allegedly received the examination paper from a Higher Education Examination Council (HEXCO) employee (name supplied) but only gave them two questions from the whole paper.

Following the tip-off, H-Metro alerted the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development last Thursday, who immediately investigated the alleged leak with preliminary findings indicating that the stated questions were from the set paper.

“We are Harare Polytechnic students and we are reporting a leaked HEXCO paper. Pane umwe wedu atinodzidza naye akatumirwa an exam qsn paper for Nov 2017 na…

“This qsn paper akaritumirwa pa laptop through mail. We are reporting her coz she only gave us two qsns and she refused to give us the rest of the qsns.

“Paper racho the code is, 550-15-S06 Transport and Society.

“Qsn 1 Assess the importance of demographic studies to transport planning and provision – 20 marks.

“Qsn 2 Transport and politics are inseparable. Discuss – 20 marks. Help us it’s not fair,” read part of the tip off exclusively sent to H-Metro.

Principal Director-Academic Affairs, Engineer Willie Ganda confirmed to H-Metro that the alleged leaked questions tally with the set paper noting that they were treating the matter as criminal and they had reported the matter to the police.

This was after H-Metro showed them the sample questions.

“I can confirm that we found out that the questions were indeed from the paper and we have already made a police report.

“Like I told you before, the case is potentially criminal hence we treated it as a matter of urgency. We did not take it lightly because it was a specific case which also had questions at a time when we have not released the examination papers to any tertiary institution,” Eng Ganda said last Friday.

When initially contacted over the matter by H-Metro before any preliminary investigations were made, Eng Ganda had said they were hearing the allegations for the first time although they were not taking it lightly noting that ‘heads would roll’ if the alleged leak was indeed true.

“Because this is a very specific matter where a name has been supplied, it should not take us time to find out whether it is true or not. It will certainly have consequences and we will give you all the facts as they come.

“The fact that the examination papers have not been distributed yet means that someone from HEXCO is responsible for the leak,” he had said earlier.

By last Friday, police were already investigating who the Harare Polytechnic student in possession of the alleged leaked paper is.


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