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“No One Wants To Lead Demonstrations In Zimbabwe”


Exiled former Cabinet Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has claimed that both the citizenry and political leaders in the country are not enthusiastic about leading demonstrations against the government.

He speaks when calls for the ruling ZANU PF to relinquish power have intensified recently following the new reports of corruption scandals which implicate government officials.

Some observers say the anti-government protests would have long erupted if recent developments had transpired in other countries. Posting on Twitter this Monday, Moyo said:

While s58 of Zim’s Constitution enshrines the right to freedom of assembly & s59 protects the right to demonstrate, there is a conundrum: the people want political leaders to lead the demonstrations & political leaders want the people to start the demonstrations! #ZanupfMustGo

Last year, Nelson Chamisa, leader of the opposition MDC Alliance responded to his supporters who were demanded that he tell them when it was time for protests saying he would not give any signal.

He later said corruption and failure by the government to fulfil election promises was signal enough to push the general public into the streets.

Meanwhile, a number of MDC Alliance officials, workers and human rights defenders have this year been arrested for participating in protests.

The president Mnangagwa led government pledged to revive the collapsed sectors including health, agriculture and industry but the economic and humanitarian crisis in the country suggests the country is receding from where it was when President Mnangagwa took over from Robert Mugabe in 2017.

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