Former Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo yesterday took to his Twitter account, posting pictures of what he described as an attack at his home by snipers.


The pictures were captioned “What would you do if you & your family survived a 2am-15 minute ZDF attack on your house with 7 children one of them 12 years old, by 25 SAS snippers with semi automatic weapons; randomly firing tracer bullets & stun grenades? Is this the New Justice? New Dawn? New Era? New Zim?”

By end of day over 2 000 people had commented on the pictures, with an overwhelming majority saying he deserved the treatment and should not be seeking sympathy on social media.

A smaller percentage sympathised with the professor, saying no one deserves such an attack, describing it as barbaric and with no place in any society.

This has however raised questions such as does he deserve such attacks? Has Zimbabwe become an unforgiving society?

H-Metro spoke to various church leaders in the quest to answer the questions.

The church leaders preached the gospel of peace, calling for forgiveness and reconciliation.

They however indicated that there is an element of consequences that one has to go under, despite being forgiven.
Destiny for Afrika Network founder, Reverend Obadiah Musindo says there are rogue elements who are bent on tarnishing the works of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and called for the gospel of peace to prevail.

He noted that there are elements in society who have gone to the extent of looting properties owned by some top figures.

Rev Msindo called for peace urging church leaders to stand by the words of President Mnangagwa in his speech of preaching peace.

“It is disheartening to learn that there are rogue elements I want to believe were sponsored to discredit the noble and peaceful move made by Zimbabwe Defence Forces,” said Rev Msindo.

“There some people who are after settling their personal scores by destroying properties of people who are pro-G40 and sympathisers of former head of State.

“Everything is in God’s hands and revenge does not come from us. We applaud the move taken by our Defence Forces in bringing a new era.

“I urge church leaders to preach peace to the people because these rogue elements are after drawing attention of enemies of His Excellency President ED Mnangagwa.

“We are witnessing some of these misguided elements going to the extent of extorting business people, church leaders and other stake holders hiding under the move taken by our Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

“These people are after inciting violence and we thank the move taken by ZDF and ZRP in their join operation to make sure these rogue elements are brought to book,” said Rev Msindo.

Zimbabwe Amalgamated Churches Council patron Jimayi Muduvuri said as much as people can be a forgiving society, they can also be allowed to express their views.

“Issues involving Jonathan Moyo raise a lot of emotions across the country, politically and socially. We all know his history with the now President, ED Mnangagwa and how he treated him on twitter. We are a forgiving society and the church forgives as Jesus said in the bible. However, we should also understand the pain he made other people went through and they can be justified to express anger at him.

“We however do not condone violence and encourage dialogue and all we can ask him is to turn to God, He is the one who can forgive him in any way he might have wronged.
Bishop Jeff

Tabernacle of Worship Family Ministries International leader Bishop Jeff said as the church we pray for the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation as was shown by the president ED Mnangagwa.

“No matter what he would have done wrong to the people he ought to be forgiven. As the church we always pray for the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation. The president, ED Mnangagwa showed us the way, led by example by embracing the former President despite what transpired in their last days.

“Forgiveness started from the top and us down here we should do the same. Not that people support what he might have been doing but God is love. Love one another is the greatest commandment and forgiveness comes in. Laws of land can take their course but forgiveness comes from God and this what we should all ask for,” he said.

House of Grace International Ministries leader prophet Sham Hungwe says our society is a forgiving one and that the bible is clear that one should be forgiven.

He however said, despite the forgiveness, there are consequences that one has to face.

“In society one person can commit a crime and can be forgiven but it does not stop the processes of one being arrested, going to court and maybe sent to prison. The forgiveness has been done but still one has to face the consequences.

“We are a peaceful people who can forgive each other but we cannot interfere with some processes, those are the consequences that one has to face,” he said.

Family Worship Tabernacle International church leader Prophet Ephias Jengeta says the bible teaches forgiveness and in the process, one has to suffer the consequences.

“Taking it from the bible, we should all be forgiving. This is what scriptures say. This means one can be forgiven even if they do something wrong. However, even if someone is forgiven it does not mean they will not suffer the consequences.

“When Adam wronged God, he was forgiven but he suffered the consequences of death. In short, no matter what, the consequences are far reaching and painful,” he said.

“When people are talking or laughing about your situation, it does not mean they haven’t forgiven you but those are consequences and they are painful,” he said.

Unity Apostolic Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Mwale says as the church they encourage dialogue in society no matter one’s misdemeanours.

“This is a new chapter in his life, life outside government. During his tenure of service he might have riled several people who have not been sympathetic with him despite posting something that could have been horrendous.

“This should send a message to him and if it means repentance, this is the time, turn to God. The story of Zacchaeus the tax collector is clear. He was unwanted by the people but Jesus accepted him,” he said.

“We are all not hundred percent and even if we are wronged, we should encourage dialogue to avoid noise and disorder,” he added.

Chakabwata, Dean of students at Impact training institute

“The bible in Psalm 50:17: 22 People devise evil and execute it God sees it and gives them time to repent but because the judgement is not immediate people continue to go deeper in evil doing. So whenever God’s judgement steps in man cry foul. God is sovereign and His ways are not our ways. He is God.

“The learned professor should seek God and repent rather than continue to seek sympathy from men. To a greater extent he (Prof Moyo) contributed to the moral decadence and corruption that became institutionalised in this country. It is never too late to mend his ways and ask for a public apology for fuelling up the whole fiasco through social media.

“The law of sowing and reaping is in effect but it can be rectified through genuine repentance and humility rather than seeking political grandstanding through social media. Bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the guy next door to die.”


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