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“No International Aid Because Of Mnangagwa’s Brutal Hold To Power”

Jacob Ngarivhume the man calling for the July 31 demonstration against Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government has said the international community is withholding aid which Zimbabwe desperately needs because president Mnangagwa’s administration was violating human rights to cling on to power.

We present Ngarivhume’s Twitter thread in full below:

We need to get real about the situation in our country. We are faced with the total collapse of our economy in the midst of a global pandemic. The government has proven to be woefully incapable of doing what needs to done to save Zimbabwe.

False promises and lip service will not cut it for a country that’s collapsing. We need international assistance to fight COVID 19, reboot the economy, and feed millions in need of food.

Billions of dollars in international aid are being held up because @edmnangagwa continues to brutalize innocent people to maintain power.

It is a well-known fact that @edmnangagwa and his deputies have enough money to step aside today and live comfortably for the rest of their lives but choose to hold on to power when the consequences are devastating for the rest of the country.

At the moment we are in, Zimbabwe does not need political speeches and rhetoric. We need common-sense actions; implemented immediately will avert disaster and ease people’s suffering.

So I now stand with the silent majority who are calling out- #ZanuPFmustgo not as a political position but a critical step to save lives.

This is the moment for Zimbabweans to finally achieve true self-determination after 40 years of suppression. It is not the time for the army to insert itself but to respect the Zimbabwean people who have suffered for too long.

The Church and Civil society stand ready to facilitate the process of establishing a National Transitional Authority that is apolitical to guide Zimbabwe in this desperate hour.

I challenge @edmnangagwa and his government to recognize the deep pain and suffering the people of Zimbabwe are experiencing and to do the right thing. God bless the people of Zimbabwe.

Source | Jacob Ngarivhume