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No clothes at Karoi Prison

Karoi Prison Inmates

No clothes at Karoi Prison.

The inmates revealed their problems on the sidelines of the donation of a consignment of groceries worth thousands of dollars by Emmanuel TV and Partners from different places in the country. Karoi prison officer in charge, Joshua Marango agreed with the inmates.

Karoi Prison InmatesInmates at Karoi Prison are facing a shortage of garb and most of their clothes are in tatters. Some inmates say they have never brushed their teeth for the past years owing to failure to access toothpaste.

“Ndofunga taane makore tisingashandise colgate tisingageze mazino, saka nhasi takutoswera tichikwesha, mazino anga atsvukuruka. “We appeal for the well-wishers to come and help their brothers and sisters here.

“Vana vakashama, tokumbira hembe dzemakakhi nedzewhite, we don’t have clothes as you can see.“Our major challenges have been cooking oil, meat, salt and clothes whilst we are also in need of other basics,” he added.

Marango said the prison accommodates more than 273 inmates and 10 are females. “Today (Sunday) we have 273 and of those 10 are females. “Theft and rape cases are high in this area of Karoi and Hurungwe.”

Coordinator for the initiative, Mai Chinhamo said it was a collective gesture from different individuals who decided to donate the items.“Everyone was touched by the situation here and we want to urge more well-wishers to continue coming on board to assist our relatives in prison.”

Marango thanked well-wishers for saying only a few can do this. “We are always in need but God has raised these people to come and donate these worthy groceries.

“They came all the way from Harare and Chivhu to give us cooking oil, washing and bathing soaps,” he said.Karoi Town Council Director of Engineering Services Owell Mazvimbakupa hailed the well-wishers.

“We are pleased for such assistance and these inmates normally don’t have money to take them home.“They also fell sick where we source for their medicals and also they have families whom they left home, so we foot the bill too assist them. We started carpentry projects for them to start after set free.”

The partners donated groceries including, sweeping brooms, cooking oil, soaps, sanitary pads, sugar and salt among others.

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