NKOSANA MOYO RAPS OPPOSITION COALITION | Alliance for the People’s Agenda president Dr Nkosana Moyo has said the opposition parties’ touted coalition was misguided and an insult to Zimbabweans.


Speaking in Bulawayo yesterday where he met his party’s structures, Dr Moyo said the coalition founders implied that the electorate was incapable of choosing their preferred leaders in the political pool.

His sentiments come at a time when other opposition parties are having sleepless nights as they are failing to agree on terms for the coalition.

The opposition has agreed that forming a coalition is the only way to remove Zanu-PF from power.

Dr Moyo said just a like a woman was free to choose a husband of her choice, Zimbabweans should be given an opportunity to choose their leader.

He described as baseless the argument by opposition parties that contesting as separate entities would result in splitting of votes.

“Others are coming saying are we not splitting the vote, form an alliance with Morgan (Tsvangirai MDC-T president) and so on and so on,” he said, picking a woman in the crowd to illustrate his point.

“When you chose your boyfriend, did you say other guys who were pursuing you should eliminate themselves?

“They didn’t, but you chose one, right. So, the issue of saying coalition, as if Zimbabweans are not smart enough to choose, I think is an insult to all of us, it’s an insult.

“Because we are implying that we shouldn’t have a choice, that choice should be eliminated up front so that when we go to vote there is only one person remaining.

“So, a coalition is a completely misguided argument, I believe even my uneducated mother can choose from the choices available the president who can move us from the prevailing problem. My mother knows that, so we don’t need a coalition for that.”

Dr Moyo said he was the right candidate to contest in next year’s presidential election, saying he was a successful economist and understood the financial sector.



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