Nkomo son blasts Chamisa over abusing father’s legacy


Nkomo son blasts Chamisa over abusing father’s legacy

Presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has yet again found himself caught up in a web of drama whilst he was campaigning in Bulawayo on the 7th of April.


The popular MDC candidate was referring to the late father of the nation Dr Joshua Nkomo during many parts of his patriotic speech.

He is quoted as saying

He (late Dr Joshua Nkomo) is one of the people we should apologise to. We cannot apologise to the dead but we can apologise to those who are related to him, because he was abused for liberating the country. He was abused for being the father who wanted peace – he was abused for wanting unity in this country. Dr Nkomo represented what Tsvangirai represented. Peace in this country. Unity in Zimbabwe , Tolerance in Zimbabwe. Giving yourself to the people of Zimbabwe, the givingness without any selfishness. That’s what Tsvangirai represented, thats what President Tsvangirai represented.

Apparently, the son of the late Dr Joshua Nkomo did not heed kindly to the words spoken by Nelson Chamisa. Michael Sibangilizwe Nkomo goes on to say that

Politicians should be very careful when they use my father’s name. We don’t take kindly to people who want to abuse the family name, abuse my father’s legacy, no no no no no! We don’t want that. We are talking about a big man here, a giant, father Zimbabwe you know?! So you cannot have people going out all.the time and abusing the name willy nilly. That’s not right.

Nelson Chamisa also claimed to be the told by relatives of the late Dr Joshua Nkomo upon visiting his homestead , that he was the first presidential candidate or leader to visit the place since his passing and they were very grateful for visit. Michael Sibangilizwe Nkomo went on to deny those claims stating that Chamisa did not step foot near or in the homestead but only visited the Joshua Nkomo Museum and spoke to the CEO of the museum who is neither a relative or a friend of the late Dr Joshua Nkomo.

It is not clear whether the hopeful Presidential candidate was simply mistaken about where he ‘visited’ and the people he spoke to or whether Michael Sibangilizwe Nkomo is a 100% sure about his claims as one of Chamisa’s advent follower’s and student claims that there is actual video footage supporting the experience he shared with the audience at the rally.



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