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Night Memorial Service For Gringo As Inheritance Squabbles Intensify

Gringo has fallen sick again after failing to raise money for medication
Lazarus “Gringo” Boora in the company of his wife Netsai Meki at their home in Hatfield, Harare

The memorial service (Nyaradzo) of the late comedian Gringo (real name Lazarus Boora) was held at night after Gringo’s eldest son Taurai kept the family waiting as he said he will come to the memorial service after attending a wedding.

This was revealed by Gringo’s aunt Esther Manheya who said the memorial service could not start in Taurai the eldest child’s absence:

Taurai said he had a wedding to attend today, but he was going to pitch up later. So, we are waiting for him. We are a peaceful family and please just know that people talk a lot. We are surprised with the news that there is war among us.

I just want my grandchildren to benefit equally as you can see they are all here. Netsai should take the house in Rusape, as for the car in question, I only heard it belongs to Gringo’s former boss.

Today I think you can talk to other family members. The story is interesting by day, with new issues to be discussed. Let this be over so I can look after my children in peace.

Gringo ‘s belongings were distributed and his house was reportedly not given to a specific individual. The family has been fighting over some of the comedian’s belongings and some family members thought Taurai’s absence was a way of settling a score.

Meanwhile, ZRP officers were reportedly present at the memorial after they were called by the village head as they were anticipating trouble and violence since the family is reportedly fighting since Gringo’s death.


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