Home Politics “Newly registered voters won’t be added onto voters’ roll”

“Newly registered voters won’t be added onto voters’ roll”


“Newly registered voters won’t be added onto voters’ roll”

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) yesterday advised that being given a registration slip — proof showing that one has registered — did not necessarily mean one would be automatically added to the voters’ roll and eligible to vote.

Zec chairperson Priscilla Chigumba told journalists in Victoria Falls that new voter registrants, who were given voter registration slips after registering to vote this year would not be automatically added onto the voters’ roll.

“Registering to vote does not mean as soon as you are handed a voter registration slip to show you have registered to vote that does not mean automatically your name has been added onto the voters’ roll,” Chigumba said.

“There is another process which happens after you register to vote which is a process whereby the documents that you have submitted to be registered to vote are verified by our system.

“We have two systems of verification. Firstly, we verify your national identity if it is genuine. The next thing is we verify your fingerprints which we run through a system called automated fingerprint verification system.”

Chigumba said Zec would hold a voter registration blitz in April for purposes of ‘sanitising the voters’ roll which would then be used in the delimitation process.

“The reason we have a voter blitz in two phases, one in February and one in April is that after April we then clear the voters’ roll for purposes of delimitation because we anticipate that the delimitation process will be started after August of 2022 which is when the final census report will be tabled before Parliament.

“We do voter registration and start cleaning the data in order to determine who should be on the voters’ roll and who does not have authentic documents,” she said.

“April voter registration blitz is the final blitz which we will use to have registered voters who will inform the delimitation process.”

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