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New Measures To Ensure Prices Of Basic Commodities Are Affordable

Consumption Poverty Line For 5 People Per Household Surpasses $7.4K For April

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has said that the government is putting in place measures that will ensure that prices of basic commodities remain within the reach of vulnerable people.

This was said in the ministry’s statement after the government had increased the subsidy it was giving the grain millers to allow the price of mealie meal to remain at ZWL$70. Reads the statement in part:

Cognisant of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government is committed to ensure that the prices of basic commodities, especially maize roller meal, should remain within the reach of the vulnerable.

The statement also observes that a 10 kg of mealie meal will remain at ZWL$70 while the government will review upwards the subsidy to millers from ZWL$73.90 to ZWL$216.15.

The subsidy on maize meal was restored by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in November last year to ensure citizens have access to cheaper basic foodstuffs and cushion them against the obtaining economic challenges.

This comes when inflation in the country continues to rise unabated partially due to the collapse of the local industry, the shedding of value of the local currency and high demand induced by the coronavirus lockdown.

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