Home LOCAL NEWS New Mbinga in town, buys 2 Bentleys at once

New Mbinga in town, buys 2 Bentleys at once

New Mbinga in town, buys 2 Bentleys at once

South African-based forex trader and financial expert Amos Tsopotsa seems to be another flamboyant entrepreneur under the age of 4o.

Tsopotsa, who is Africa-Coin’s chief executive officer, has i6 years of experience in forex trading and feels he can do better than the crop of Sir Wicknell and the late Ginimbi.

He has acquired a lot through forex trading. “Everything you see about me has been acquired through forex trading. I know many have been victims of scams, but if you take the time and learn it yourself from reliable mentors you can make it.

“I have turned many people from being employees to business people. I believe forex trading must be taken as a business and not a get-rich-quick scheme.

“I am one of the best forex traders in Africa as a whole. I rarely want attention on myself but this should inspire many wouldbes that I have done it, so can they.

“Most people are scammed by people who claim that when you give them your money they will trade on your behalf. This is the most common way, but here’s the thing: ask the trader for a trader’s licence from the regulators also confirm this with the authorities.

“I have operated in 16 countries and Zimbabwe has honestly been a great challenge for me, it has never been a seat journey due to the many scams that have happened,” he said.

The trader says he is in a dress of his own. “Well, I think I am much more than that and my money has been acquired in a clean way.

My role model is Sir Frank Buyanga. “AFRICACoin was an idea born through the initiative that I saw Sir Frank doing through the Africa Medallion Coin.

“I have acquired two Bentley cars through trading. “I bought these toys on the cash price tag of R15.6 million and this is an inspiration to other would-be forex traders.”

Tsopotsa spoke of people being scammed into forex trading. “I’m sure you know how people back home are, once something is labelled a scam it’s not easy to present it. Of course, I have done seminars, I have traded live information for them, I have updated them with bank statements showing them the money we made at seminars.

“It’s time people in Zimbabwe wake up and put their energy into trading, it’s risky, but if you know what you are doing it should be easy for you to make it in the same way I have done it. “Look, we have been in the lockdown, what other business could have made me buy two cars besides trading.

The futures are in trading,” he added. Meanwhile, Tsopotsa is set to launch an online foreign cur-rency trading platform which will have offices in Harare and Bulawayo mid-March.

The platform will also uplift the living standards of the general public. “The online forex brokerage company’s first office will be in Zimbabwe and one most impor-tant issue that I went through made me open this initiative.

“In trading, there are three kinds of brokers; A Book, B Book and hybrid. A broker can literally trade against you so that you lose your money, and my idea is to create a broker that gives access to the market to retail traders and not trade the trades in-house.

“I am a pan-Africanist by heart, and as Africans, our financial freedom and inde-pendence comes from trading in the markets; he said. Tsopotsa has business inter-ests in education, IT and finance.

He said adopting the use of AfiicaCoin has advantages like straight forward transac-tions, minimising the time and expense involved in making asset transfers and more confidential transactions.