Home ZIM CELEBS New dating rumours of Thomas Chizhanje and Lorraine Guyo emerge

New dating rumours of Thomas Chizhanje and Lorraine Guyo emerge

Thomas Chizhanje

New dating rumours of Thomas Chizhanje and Lorraine Guyo emerge.

It appears socialite Thomas “CST” Chizhanje and Lorraine Guyo of the Ndinyengeiwo fame cum actress are not just workmates after all but are also in a love relationship. After having initially denied the allegations in an earlier with the publication that the two are not dating but was only a managing her business affairs, Chizhanje recently hinted the two are going out with a post on facebook.

Thomas ChizhanjeHe posted a collage of pictures in his group Chizhanje and Friends accompanied with the caption: “Introducing new bae mu WhatsApp Family group.” Contacted for comment, CST said:

Lorraine and Thomas“I used me and Lorraine as characters in a scenario of a muroora being introduced in a family WhatsApp group and her being accepted in the family, but somehow people on social media have concluded I was introducing her as my official “bae”.

Several social media users in the group endorsed the relationship.

Below are some of the comments:

Veronica Musonza

She is pretty dnt waste tym mukande pakitchen asati adzvamurwa …all the best gys.

Vussy Mpofu

From uncle vekuGokwe… Muroora ngauye zvake tamufarira, akanaka and intelligent anogona marketing futi

Chiedza Sue Kunaka

Finally came out hah 😁ncoooooh aren’t you the cutest thing together 🤗❤️…wish you the best guys 😘

Natsai Charumbira Mukwazvure

Finally, I’m happy for you guys 😘😘💞💞💞💞❤️❤️❤️

Prince Zvakavapano

Ukadzikama hako Lorraine wazviwanira murume.

Tsom bho munhu zvekuti and anoda mumwe wake rough. But makadanana tsom asina gero here or pane akatotorerwa?

Anyway isu sana bamdiki tokutambira mumusha maiguru. U are so cute by the way.



The businessman/socialite caused chaos a few weeks ago with his outfit in America which had people grill him and we were there to dish out your views. Not so long ago he was being accused of sleeping with Star FM’s Miss V Candy.

GINIMBI ZIMETROBut the rumours have since been settled. Well, the socialite is back in the country and he was at it again as he showed off his fancy assets…MORE HERE

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