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Netone to cut iBosso sponsorship


Highlanders face financial morass following the announcement by principal sponsors NetOne of its intent to cut short their relationship that was meant to end next year.

The mobile telecoms company was paying salaries of Highlanders’ players and technical staff, as well as accommodation and transport costs for their away matches, with the club only taking care of winning bonuses and home games camping needs.

But even with the NetOne assistance, Highlanders found themselves struggling to break even with the junior structures in a state of neglect.

Bosso lost their junior coaches, who quit for greener pastures.

The mere fact that NetOne is now pulling the plug is a worrying development to the Highlanders’ members and fans, not to mention the executive led by Kenneth Mhlophe, who are now expected to show their leadership ingenuity by keeping the club afloat if no corporate partner comes on board.

It’s a task that is expected of anyone in a leadership position, more so if those in leadership jumped onto the ship on their own without anyone pointing a gun at them.

By choosing office, it means one was prepared to shepherd the club out of any situation and probably now is the time Mhlophe and his executive show their mettle.

However, in reality this cannot be left to those in leadership alone. They are only custodians of the club, who make sure what members decide is adhered to.

Now, more than ever before, Highlanders’ fans and members must rise to the occasion and be counted because failure to do so will see history judging them harshly.

Of what use will it be for one to call themselves a Highlanders’ supporter, but in times of imminent crisis like this, they choose to bury their heads in the sand like ostriches?

Now is the time to think outside the box because Bosso are a big brand. They have a huge support base locally and abroad, but what’s worrying is that most of them are only visible on social media.

Everyone who identifies himself or herself with this great institution must now rise and be counted to save the club.

Bulawayo Mayor Solomon Mguni recently summed it up by proclaiming that there can be no Bulawayo without Highlanders.

All those who identify themselves with Highlanders need to come on board and prevent the ship from sinking.

During the #buybackPrince campaign, a mere $3 000 was raised, yet people were busy lambasting the executive and when the opportunity to keep the boy was presented to them, no one came on board.


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