“Nelson Chamisa Is A Coward” – Chiwenga says CCC Will Lose 2023 Election

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    Keith T Mambo
    Keith T Mambo
    Keith T. Mambo is currently a reporter for ZiMetro News . He focuses on identity politics for The Southern Eye. He was previously a fellow at the UCT University of Cape Town for Political Science.

    “Nelson Chamisa Is A Coward” – Chiwenga says CCC Will Lose 2023 Election

    Controversial Harare preacher Apostle Talent Chiwenga has attacked opposition politician Nelson Chamisa, calling him a coward and declaring that he will lose the 2023 presidential election.

    Apostle Talent Chiwenga of the Jesus Revelation Ministries called Chamisa childish and immature in his Sunday Sermon on July 31, 2022.

    He also questioned why the leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has not been arrested. Apostle Chiwenga claimed that Chamisa is a coward who leads from the back.

    The preacher, notorious for his criticism of his fellow clergyman and political commentary, suggested that Job Sikhala is a better leader for the opposition than Nelson Chamisa.

    He argued that Sikhala is a better leader because he always leads from the front. Sikhala is currently languishing in remand prison after he was arrested in June on charges of inciting political violence. Since then, he has been denied bail.

    You can watch Apostle Chiwenga’s sermon on Chamisa below,

    Apostle TF Chiwenga on Chamisa:

    1. He is immature and childish
    2. He is a coward, leads from the back
    3. He is a hypocrite
    4. How come he has never been arrested?
    5. Shocking revelations are coming
    6. He will lose in 2023
    7. Sikhala is a better leader, leads from the front

    — Edmund Kudzayi (@EdmundKudzayi) August 1, 2022

    Reactions to Apostle Chiwenga’s declarations on Nelson Chamisa have been mixed, with some accusing the preacher of being a know-it-all. Others claimed that he was hiding behind the pulpit to offer his own opinions disguised as prophecy.

    However, others applauded him for speaking the truth to power.

    c m

    But honestly, about Chamisa why do you speak like you know everything, a prophet, a political analyst and all other things, why can’t you be consistent with one thing other than ranting all over the place, you blast Zanu, you blast CCC, you blast Java you blast Guti and everyone? Yourself why haven’t you been arrested as well with all the reckless talk about everything?

    Whatever it is my friend, this guy speaks sense at times then just of ramps when you think you are on the same page kwakutomushayira pake, but anyway it’s his right to express himself anyhow, one life live it.

    Congiwe Mudokwenyu

    Listen to that again sober and not emotionally you will get the trajectory and believe it or not that’s what is on the ground and God will reveal everything in due time.

    Raymond Mawite

    This is not prophecy but propaganda. Dont mislead the nation.


    Wisdom from Apostle TF, thanx Eddie!

    Phillip J Maswanise

    For a party which seeks to effect a transfer of power through peaceful means CCC would do well to ignore this bait.


    They say “touch not my anointed,” so I am scared to comment on this man.

    On the political side, the challenge I have with “Apostle” Chiwenga is that he is better & holier than everyone else.

    With how much he verbally assaults PF leaders, has he ever been arrested?

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