Home Celebs Nelia Kadungure’s Baby Daddy ‘Fally Ipupa’ Arrested

Nelia Kadungure’s Baby Daddy ‘Fally Ipupa’ Arrested

Nelia Kadungure's Baby Daddy 'Fally Ipupa' Arrested

Nelia Kadungure’s Baby Daddy ‘Fally Ipupa’ Arrested

Nelia Kadungure’s baby daddy, Fally Ipupa has been arrested today. The socialite is said to have been arrested for vandalism.

According to Zimcelebs, The man who is known for flaunting big cars on social media was arrested for vandalizing someone’s vehicle by scratching it and writing his name ‘FALLY’ on the bonnet.

Video of the said vandalized car was uploaded on the zimcelebs Instagram Facebook page.


Also read how we came to know of Ipupa being Ginimbi’s Sister baby daddy below:

In August 2021, Nelia was forced to reveal the man behind her baby after another fallout with Fally Ipupa Jnr.

Ginimbi’s sister Nelia Kandungure has revealed that Fali Ipupa Jnr is just his baby daddy.

The new Mbingalet was forced to address a situation after her baby daddy started posting pictures of her in a dissing way.

This came after Nelia’s son which she had with Fally Ipupa Jnr, asked her mom if she was okay after seeing her Tbt pictures.

In doing so, Fally Ipupa posted the picture which his son had asked if his mom was okay and captioned it Udza mwana kuti ndandisiti ndaMbinga.

Nelia said: “Fally is just but my babydad, there is nothing between me and fally ipupa jnr, I am cool with my soulmate am with now ”.

Source | ZiMetro News


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