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NAMA calls for 20th edition entries

NAMA calls for 20th edition entries

NAMA calls for 20th edition entries

THE National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) has called on stakeholders in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) to start preparing to submit their works for consideration in the National Arts Merit Awards (Nama).
Entries open September 1, closing on November 30, 2021.

“The NACZ would like to advise stakeholders in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) including production houses, studios, stables, galleries, organisations, associations, groups and artistes that the period for the submission of entries for the National Arts Merit Awards will be open from the 1st of September to the 30th of November 2021,” NACZ communication and marketing manager, Rodney Ruwende said in a statement.

The awards, set to take place in February next year, will reward works from December 2019 till November 2021. The awards could not be held last year owing to the Covid-19 pandemic that disrupted the arts scene.

Instead, a [email protected] legends was held were legends in the arts sector were awarded.

“Consideration of selection for the 20th edition of Nama to be held in February 2022, will only be given to artworks published in the past two years covering the period from 1st December 2019 to 30th November 2021. Only Zimbabwean citizens or those with Zimbabwean resident status can enter their work.”

Artistes outside Harare can submit their works at the NACZ provincial offices or online.

“The Nama disciplines that will be adjudicated are dance, film, literary arts, theatre, music, visual arts, media and spoken word. Entry forms can also be accessed through the NACZ website: www.natarszim.org.zw. For online submissions, supporting materials may still need to be submitted in person at the NACZ offices for use in adjudication.

“All entries must be accompanied by the artiste’s product(s). These could be in the form of videotapes, cassettes, flash drives, CDs, pictures or books. Individuals submitting works for Nama are encouraged to supply three sets of the particular works/ production to assist adjudicators, except where the product is from the visual arts category,” said Ruwende.

He said the Namas seek to encourage creativity and excellence in the quality of the arts, inspire artistes to strive for higher and original forms of creativity and provide an opportunity for arts disciplines to jointly market and publicise their products locally, regionally and internationally.

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