Home Celebs ‘My son is haunting me,’ Cal_vin’s mother says

‘My son is haunting me,’ Cal_vin’s mother says

'My son is haunting me,' Cal_vin's mother says

‘My son is haunting me,’ Cal_vin’s mother says

Mgcini, the late king of hip hop, died on January 28, 2018.

“Cal Vin” Nhliziyo published a double album named “The Revenge of the Vin” to smooth out conflicts and exact revenge on his rivals in the hip-hop game.

Four years down the line after its release, and almost two years after his fatal accident, the album is now of significancy as Cal_Vin’s family seeks vengeance on the haters who killed the multi-award-winning muso.

The Z’khuphan hitmaker was involved in a hit-and-run accident near his home in Luveve 5 on 25 October and the car which hit him, identified as a white Mazda Familia, has never been seen ever again.

His mother, Sinikiwe Luphahla is still in grief and she can’t continue enduring the pain anymore.

She wants revenge for the death of her son.

“My son was talented, jealous idiots decided to end his life. God is watching you fools, you will get your revenge,” posted Luphahla on her timeline on Facebook as a caption on Cal_Vin’s song ‘I am so Bulawayo freestyle’ which she shared on the same platform.

B-Metro Showbiz made an effort to get reach of Vin’s mother and she said she can’t sleep at night as Cal_Vin is haunting her.

“It’s almost two years since we lost Cal_Vin on that fateful day and I can’t find peace.

“There are a lot of unsewered questions in my head.

“My son is haunting me; I am failing to get a peaceful sleep every night. I see him in my dreams every time and when

I am sitting in my house, I feel like he will appear, open the door, enter the house and greet me with his handsome smile,” said Luphahla.

Police investigations have failed her and she has since given up.

She tried to reason with the police to give her the small physical evidence they discovered on the scene of the accident, so that she tries to investigate on her own and find the culprits, religiously or traditionally perhaps.

However, Luphahla feels the police have tempered with the evidence as the mud guard she gave them (which she discovered on the scene), is missing from the forensic lab.

“The police have failed me. They are reluctant and I have given up on them and the investigation.

“Two months back, I went to the police station and told them to give me the mud guard that I discovered from the accident so that I try ‘other’ means of finding the killers.

“They told me that they can’t find that piece of evidence and my instincts are telling me that something is at play.

They said they will look for it and a constable will bring it to my house.

“I am always at the gate waiting for them but in vain,” said the heartbroken Luphahla.

All that she needs is closure and justice for the death of his son.

As for Cal_Vin’s children, Luphahla said, “they are growing so fast and I wish that my son was here to see his beautiful flowers blooming.”

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