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My husband’s nephew making moves on me – Woman cries out

Before we married some two years ago,my spouse told me everything about his Siblings. There was this sister of his who sponsored his entire Senior High School and Tertiary Educational. He told me he is really indebted to her.

He informed me that, in appreciation of what his Sister did, he is currently hosting one of her sons who works with Immigration Service. I thought it was not a problem because there were Four Bedrooms in the House.

Just after the marriage, he got a Scholarship to read his Doctorate in the United States of America. We were happy about the opportunity but unhappy about the separation. Since we didn’t want to miss the opportunity, he left on schedule.

Just a month after his departure, his Nephew to my surprise started making advances at me. When he met me on the Corridors in the house, he will either make an attempt to Kiss me or Pat my b_ttocks. On other occasions, he hugged me or held my hand in a questionable manner. However, he never opens his mouth to say a word.

I am very uncomfortable with his behaviour. He is well built. I am beginning to fear him. Recently, I asked my husband if I could move to my allocated Master’s Bungalow but he refused to say that will leave his Nephew alone in the house and who will take care of his meals and cleaning of the house?.

Of late I make a conscious effort to avoid him. I make sure I got into my Bedroom before he returned home. Sometimes he will knock to check on me. I responded to those knocks but refused to come out.

My husband does not suspect his Nephew. I don’t want to bring confusion between him and the Sister,I don’t want to have anything to do with the Nephew.

Can he r_pe me? Should I leave the house against my husband’s will or shall I expose his Nephew’s behaviour to him

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