A 38-year old man from Buhera will forever rue the day he met a woman he thought would be the love of his life after she left him with not only a bruised ego but developed sagging breasts after she ditched him.

Oliver Marakurwa of Marakurwa Village, also lost his household property to Emmah Chamisa, whom he believes bewitched him and dragged him into his current predicament in which his breasts are itching incessantly and growing big at the same time.

Marakurwa met Emmah in Harare’s city centre sometime in September 2011 and proposed love to her.

Upon accepting his love proposal on the very same day, the two agreed to move in together and went to stay in the high-density suburb of Kuwadzana Extension in the capital.

It appears the gods had turned their back on Marakurwa, who proved that he was not lucky in love matters, after his union with Emmah became the source of his problems. The two started having unending domestic disputes
barely a month of cohabiting.

“I met her in town in Harare and I proposed love, which she accepted on the very same day,” he said.

“She then agreed to accompany me to my place where we had consensual sex on the same day. I asked her to leave for her place but she refused saying she wanted to stay with me. I later agreed and we started staying as husband and wife,” he said.

Emma later fell pregnant and it became another source of problems after Marakurwa disowned it. He then decided to seek the services of a prophet to find a lasting solution to his problems.

Unfortunately after applying the prophet’s remedies, Emma left his place, albeit for two days.

“She just left without my knowledge and returned after two days. When I asked her where she had been for the two days, she said she had gone to acquire a birth certificate in Kadoma. It raised my suspicion,” he said.

Marakurwa said their marital fissures widened and he never enjoyed the ‘bliss’ of his marital union. The vividly frail-looking 38-year-old said his ‘wife’ refused to accompany him to his rural home to see his parents for solutions to their rocky marriage.

“Our differences were beyond reconciliation until she decided to pack and go. I left home for work and she took advantage of my absence and took away my household property. Among the things that she took was my pair of jean trousers and T-shirt. I think she used them for rituals,” he said.

Marakurwa said he has never seen Emmah since the day she left his place and efforts to locate her were fruitless. He said Emma’s relatives who stay in Chitungwiza professed ignorance over her whereabouts.

“Even her cellphone number is not reachable,” he said.

Marakura said his only hope now was Madzibaba John of Johanne Masowe eChishanu yeNyenyedzi Nomwe of Dangamvura, Mutare, whom he believes will ‘cure’ his growing breasts. Madzibaba John promised to bring Marakurwa’s breasts to
normalcy within 14 days of prayer.

“The spirit told me that this man had a relationship with a married woman who lied to him that she was single. This woman ‘sorted’ him since he was disowning pregnancy. She had her expectations and when those expectations were not fulfilled she decided to bewitch him,” said Madzibaba John.

Madzibaba John said Marakurwa was lucky that he was bewitched without him having wronged the woman, a scenario which will make it easy for his healing.

“Had it been that he was the one who wronged this woman, surely, he was going to live with these breasts forever. It was going to be difficult to help him,” he said.

Madzibaba John said Marakurwa would be healed and the sagging breasts would disappear within 14 days of prayers.

He said he had helped a lot of people – married men and women who approach his shrine with similar problems.



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