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“Mwonzora Will Win Presidential Election By 66 Percent”

Mwonzora’s daughter Bertha mocks Nelson Chamisa

“Mwonzora Will Win Presidential Election By 66 Percent”

Bertha Mwonzora, the daughter of MDC-T president Douglas Mwonzora has declared that her dad will win the 2023 presidential election by a massive 66 percent of the vote.

According to Bertha, her dad has been predicting his political trajectory since she was a child, and he has never been wrong once.

Bertha wa echoing her father’s declaration that he will win the 2023 presidential election with a massive landslide as people often make the mistake of underestimating him.

Mwonzora made the claim during an interview with Heart and Soul Television’s Blessed Mhlanga.

When asked if he thought he would win the 2023 presidential election, Mwonzora replied

Without a doubt, I will. And let me say here, my history speaks for itself. Many times I have been underestimated.

When questioned on the percentage he would win the election by, Mwonzora said,

I think 66 percent as of now…I do not in any way see myself as an inferior leader at all. I don’t see the superiority that my opponents have over me.

Following these remarks, Bertha Mwonzora took to social media to share how her father has always been making accurate predictions since she was a child. She said based on his track record, it’s a given that he will win the 2023 presidential elections. Said Bertha,

Man said he would be SG by a landslide, prediction was accurate, when I was in primary school man said he would be President of MDC by 2021. Man says he’s gonna win by 66%, so it will be, by 66%. Hambai.

Bertha also reiterated how her father had been underestimated numerous times in the last two decades only for him to rise and prove his purported detractors wrong.

been watching my dad in politics all my life. And for more than 20 years it’s been ‘hee dead and buried by 2006 hee dead … by 2010…by 2016 by 2020 ‘ etc… but still the Lord sees it fit to carry us from strength to strength. In 2023 you’ll be saying ‘hee by 2030.’

Responding to a supporter who felt that 66 percent may be too optimistic, Bertha said that everything they have claimed has been blessed by God.

bro let me tell you when we said we’d take harvest house, they said it was a dream, when we said it was a sweep at congress they said impossible. Everything we’ve claimed on our own lives has been blessed by God wait and see

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