Home Politics “Mwonzora Stands No Chance Against Chamisa”

“Mwonzora Stands No Chance Against Chamisa”

Mwonzora Pushes For Chamisa’s Arrest

“Mwonzora Stands No Chance Against Chamisa”

MDC Alliance vice president Professor Welshman Ncube says the hijacking of their party name by the Douglas Mwonzora-led MDC-T will not deter their supporters from voting for their presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa in the upcoming elections.

The MDC Alliance and MDC-T have been on each other’s throats since a Supreme Court ruling in 2020 nullified Chamisa’s takeover of the MDC-T presidency soon after the death of founding party president Morgan Tsvangirai in 2018.

Mwonzora backed by a Supreme Court ruling has been on the rampage, recalling legislators and councillors who continue to rally behind Chamisa.

Despite all this commotion, Professor Ncube said there will be no confusion at the polls. Speaking in an interview with CITE on the Breakfast Club Monday, Prof Ncube said:

There would be no confusion mark my words. There will be a lot of hot air, debate, anxiety among a lot of people but the ordinary average voter in Zimbabwe is clear.

Even if we assume we were to go to the election and there’s MDC Alliance led by Douglas Mwonzora and there’s MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa on the ballot box, there still will be no confusion.

If we use our symbol, which is an open palm hand with Chamisa’s face, let Mwonzora dare put his face there as well, there will be no confusion.

Put the face of Chamisa and the face of the state-sponsored opposition, people will vote accordingly. I really don’t see the confusion.

The only risk, Prof Ncube cited were shenanigans the state might employ during the candidate nomination process. He added:

But if the usual practice is followed, mark my words – the people are very clear.

In fact, wherever we go people are anxious, they want this election tomorrow so they can speak and reaffirm who they support in this country and who they want to be leaders.

There can be no doubt from the majority of the people, even small kids.

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