Home LOCAL NEWS Mwonzora Humiliated For Claiming Credits For Tunga, Last Prison Release

Mwonzora Humiliated For Claiming Credits For Tunga, Last Prison Release

Mwonzora Wary On Zanu PF’s Attempts To Capture Opposition Votes

Mwonzora Humiliated For Claiming Credits For Tunga, Last Prison Release

The renegade MDCT leader Douglas Mwonzora was humiliated after claiming credit for organizing the prison release of prolific activists Last Maengahama and Tungamirai Madzokere.

Tungamirai Madzokere has complained that the visit by Mwonzora’s leadership has been used for nefarious reasons.

Said Madzokere in full:

“MDCT Leadership, led by Yvonne Musarurwa, came to my house and told me that my release from prison was necessitated by Douglas Mwonzora as part of his negotiation with ZanuPF for supporting Const Amendment Bill number 2…

“This exposes injustices in Zimbabwe, as courts are influenced by the Executive & the Legislature, which shouldn’t be the case. The Constitution we wrote clearly separates the Judiciary, Parliament, Executive and Cabinet. We shouldn’t be having one influencing judgement.

“I cannot be happy to be released due to political intervention. I want to be released because I committed no crime. The scholarly judgement shows the intervention of God with Judges being Spokespersons of the heavenly intervention, because of my innocence.

“I wasnt happy seeing my MDCT colleagues on social media insinuating that I’m joining them. That’s not what we agreed upon.

I accepted them at my home because they are fellow friends. Yvonne Musarurwa was my co-accused & a friend for a long time…

“I have friends in MDCT but there’s a difference between being a friend and a political ally. As human beings, we are political & social animals. I cannot cut social ties because of differing political opinions . I won’t chase away visitors..

“I cannot fail to socially get along with MDCT people when I get along with some ZANU PF members because we differ politically. Let it be clear that I believe in the Leadership of President Nelson Chamisa…

“Even ZanuPF knows that the only person who can deliver Zimbabweans from the bondage caused by Zanu is the MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa. Even President Mugabe during the GNU called Chamisa a supersonic Minister.

“After the new government led by Pres Nelson Chamisa comes into office soon, Mnangagwa, who will be an Opposition Leader, will call Pres Chamisa a super-sonic President. I’m done.”

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