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Mwonzora And The MDC Vehicles Scandal Lies

MDC bigwig in hot soup as party’s financial woes mount

Following the talk by one Douglas Togarasei Mwonzora in Marondera over the weekend about 150 missing vehicles within the party, l have seen it important that l make clarity on such falsehoods after Dougie made and is to make more false allegations against MDC Alliance officials & myself.

The following information is not only true, but factual which can be verified on the internet, apart from party records:

-For starters the 150 vehicles and motorbikes mentioned could be MDC vehicles bought since 2000. Some of which have been decommissioned or beyond repair due to political violence.

The other lot of vehicles are within his reach as we speak, because he can simply walk to his close buddies in government and Police to release impounded several Party vehicles. These include the impounded party vehicles used by our late icon Morgan Tsvangirai.

Besides those vehicles that were decommissioned and burnt during political violence by Zanu Pf, the majority of MDC vehicles are in police custody in Police Stations in Beitbridge, Lupane, Kwekwe, Harare Central Police Station, Southerton Police Station this include the Victory Bus and Morgan Tsvangirai’s bullet proof BMW X6, Harare Province Trucks.

Most of this information is in the public domain as common news had it the Harare Provincial vehicle driven by Pheneas Nhatarikwa was impounded over the Mutedza murder in Glenview and is still in still police custody despite its driver being acquitted of the murder case. The Isuzu white KB driven by the late Joshua Bakacheza was hijacked when Bakacheza together with Chigubhu were abducted on their way from Mabvuku helping the Late Tonderai Ndira’s family move, upon his death.

This is just a political message by Douglas Togarasei Mwonzora as a campaign to assume the Presidency of the REBELS Party. As SG, Dougie had 5 good years to do a follow up on these false allagations and he never raised these issues in meeting even the national council where l was a member only to raise it 8 years later. During his tenure as SG he failed to repair or service party vehicles which include Harare Province Isuzu Truck which was run down by his runner and aide, Rhino Mashaya. Instead as SG he facilitated for the auction of that Harare Province Isuzu vehicle.

It is no secret that when Prof Ncube was SG, he facilitated to have various regional offices for the party and and he also purchased serveral vehicles and trucks. His successor, SG Tendai Biti managed to facilitate 12 provincial offices, bought several provincial Isuzu vehicles and trucks. It is after Dougie’s tenure that MRT House, boardrooms in three floors were created, turning the office into a world class party office and renovations were done by SG Chalton Hwende; whereas Dougie as an SG, NOTHING was bought, repaired or facilitated. The only thing to talk if is the vandalising of the MRT House, provincial offices and now the illegal capture of the same with the assistance of the security forces and state machinery.

He ranks as the worst and greatest lier of our time.

As SG, Dougie failed to source any regalia and not even a bandana or t-shirt for the 2018 election and various arenas were coloured red by party supporters out of their own coffers.

Denford Ngadziore
2014 Harare Province Youth Secretary

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