Home Celebs MvengeMvenge admin ‘Mkoma Masimba’ reportedly abusing drugs

MvengeMvenge admin ‘Mkoma Masimba’ reportedly abusing drugs

MvengeMvenge admin 'Mkoma Masimba' reportedly abusing drugs

There are news and pictures circulating saying that Mkoma Masimba has been abusing drugs hence the reason he has been ageing so quickly. Message from the popular Zimbabwe Facebook Page MvengeMvenge have been sent encouraging people to help him

Below is one of the many messages that have been posted about the news of Mkoma Masimba and some pictures too showing how much drugs are hurting his physical appearance.

I should admit, I am outrageously heartbroken. The physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual metamorphosis that my brother Mukoma Masimba went through is very disturbing.

For the avoidance of doubt, I respect his intellectual shrewdness. He is a very intelligent brother who conceptualizes at a very deeper level.

He is a critical thinker who uses his Socratic approach in an endeavour to locate the holy grail of the truth of any phenomenon. He has mastered the artistry of “ going deeper “.

Evidently, Mukoma Masimba is intelligent but lacks wisdom. There is a philosophical difference between intelligence and wisdom. The former is the ability to grasp a phenomenon or concept quickly the latter is the propensity to do the right thing at the right time. Regrettably, Mukoma Masimba has succumbed to drugs as a panacea for his depression. He made a poor decision.

I hope he recovers quickly. Get well soon my brother! As a community, we should not intellectually crucify our brother while he is down. He needs our prayers and support! Let’s say no to drugs! Depression is real! #MukomaMasimbaLifeMatters

Source | MbareTimes


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