Zanu PF electorate in Mazowe North ward 4 is reportedly protesting against their ward councillor Michael Mutopa whom they accuse of being corrupt and allegedly defrauded many youths.


As the nomination court date draws near which is on 14 June supporters are pushing his runner up Walter Muchenje to take the seat despite losing the primaries.

Mutopa is being accused of defrauding 16 youths in ward 4 of their hard earned cash by promising them stands chief among them youth chairman Jacob Nyakavire who was reportedly defrauded $350 and filed a police report at Chombira police station under CR number 49/05/18.

Supporters who spoke to accused Mutopa of rigging the primary election and not feet to lead basing on his criminal charges.

“We are not happy with Mutopa he rigged the primaries with the help of some big fishes in the party, this guy has criminal charges and we are protesting against his candidature.

“Last week the leadership humiliated him at a rally but that is not enough he must be withdrawn and Muchenje must replace him because he does not have any criminal charge,” fumed the source.

Apparently, they is so much disgruntlement in Mazowe North where losing candidates are refusing to support winning candidates citing so many allegations on the winning candidates.

Politburo member Kenneth Musanhi informed the vice president Kembo Muhadi on the disgruntlements in the province last Thursday in Mahuhwe.