Destiny for Afrika Network founder, Reverend Obadiah Musindo, has urged church pastors to desist from milking congregants but become their donors.


He said this addressing various church leaders and pastors in Glen Norah last Thursday urging them to make their sermons practical by creating employment for their members.

“Dzingori Nyasha pamusoro penyasha, kana Mwari asina kuramba nemwanakomana wake haangazotadza kutipa zvose zvatinoda,” said Rev Musindo.

“Gone were the days when pastors received financial support from congregants, the gospel you received and preached must have enriched you by now that you must be employers not beggars.

“Pastors must not continue to talk about heaven but let the kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven by turning the gospel into practical and change your lives as well as your disciple.

“Prove the power of your messages by showing them how God blesses anyone who obeys his or her word and leave begging from congregates.

“By the word of Life, God created the heavens and earth and with that power of the word create employment, be innovative and seek the wisdom of God.

“We now want pastors who give and not to be given by poor members of the church but instead change their lives.

“It is shameful to see a poor person being led by a poor pastor, poor apostle and a poor bishop,” said Rev Musindo.

Rev Musindo went on to tell pastors that it was high time that they engage in empowerment and income generating projects promising them residential stands and vehicles.

“Kamwe kaattitude kechifundisi hakashande sooo, parikupiwa minda vanorega vamwe vachitora votanga kutsanya and went on to declare 30 days fast but a fast which is sanctioned is managed by the system of this world,” said Rev Musindo.

“Pastors should embrace the new dispensation, encourage people to be positive and compliment government efforts by speaking and preaching positive about our President.


“Whites who designed Parliament building linked it with a Cathedral to show that they were in full support with the government but some of us here decide to create enmity with the government,” said Rev Musindo.

He encouraged them to pray for government leadership and get involved in government activities.