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Music promoter reports wife over ‘secret’ abortion

Music promoter reports wife over 'secret' abortion

Music promoter and Million Dynasty director Shepherd “Shepy Tarzy” Tsandukwa has lodged a complaint with the police against his wife of over a year on allegations of unlawful termination of pregnancy.

The wife, however, denies the allegations.

The case has been filed at Warren Park Police Station under reference number RRB 441.106. He accuses his wife, Valenta Mutizwa, of being in an affair with a church elder at the Dutch Reformed Church in Glen View.

The alleged lover, a married man, is believed to have sponsored the unlawful termination of Tsandukwa’s wife’s four-month pregnancy.

According to Tsandukwa, the two have been having problems for sometime regarding her communication with the church elder. “It was on the 15th of August when my wife started behaving awkwardly over issues involving him (church elder).

Music promoter reports wife over 'secret' abortion

“I then lied to her that I was going to work and decided to hide at Warren Park play fields. “Just 10 minutes afterwards, I saw her coming out of the house and trailed her whilst she was on the phone and I heard her conversation with him (church elder) and she was asking him to come and pick her up.

“I took the phone away and that’s when I confirmed that she was talking to him again,” said Tsandukwa.

He added: “After this incident, she went and only returned on Sunday the 17th and packed our property with the help of two men and left.

“My family members came and tried to reason with her, but she was very disrespectful to them. “My brothers later told me to let her go and I did.

“After doing my investi-gations, I then discovered she was in hospital under-going an abortion. “I managed to get messages that prove my allegations,” he said.

Contacted for comment, Mutizwa professed ignorance over the issue. She also threatened this writer with unspecified action should the story see the light of the day.

“I don’t know you are saying, please don’t call me again. Someone you do not know will call you right now. Please stay away from this,” she said before ending the call.


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