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‘Music is like women, you can’t satisfy two at once’

‘Music is like women, you can’t satisfy two at once’

“Music is like women, you can’t satisfy two at once.”

With 2022 still in its infancy, many are setting goals for the year, so is up-and-coming musician Reezy Terah (born Langa Mhlongo), who has prematurely decided to take a break from the industry.

Despite being named the National University of Science and Technology’s best artiste on campus last week, the artiste best known for catchy love songs said he needed to concentrate more on his studies.

As such, he has dedicated his last album that he released on his birthday a fortnight ago to his fans as a token of acknowledgement and appreciation of their support for him.

The album titled Baby Boy consists of four tracks, Superman, Love Song, Birthday Song and Fight for your love.

In an interview, Reezy said the decision to put music on hold was hard to make.

“It’s hard, but as you know the hardest decisions are somehow the best decisions for everyone. I made a promise to my loved ones and also myself that I’d take a break from music so I can focus more on finishing my degree in Civil Engineering. I tried to balance the two but I failed.

“It felt like I had two wives which is in this case was music and education. Music is like women, it needs love, affection, attention and money.

So the moment you focus on one, the other gets jealous and you might end up losing one or both. You can never satisfy two women, they all need adequate attention,” Reezy said.

He, however, is hopeful that when he bounces back from the three-year long break, he will be financially able to produce videos for his music.

“So, I’ve decided to take a two-to-three-year break and hopefully when I return to the game, my finances will be stable enough to permit me to record videos. I’ve left my supporters with the album Baby Boy.”

Giving a brief of some of the songs on the latest album, the artiste said: “Lately, there’s the ‘mjolo is a pandemic’ saying trending on social media, but I still feel that there’s hope for love.

So Superman is that one guy who is craving for that old school love and ready to fight for it, and the girl he will get is his Superwoman.”

Reezy said with his songs, he wants to break the ideology that in modern day, true love does not exist.

“This is a typical true love story, but in modern times love is considered non-existent. The last track will be dropped on Valentine’s Day as I kiss music goodbye. I’m reserving it for all the lovers out there,” he said.

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