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Muridzo tells critics to “go to hell.”

Muridzo tells critics to

Muridzo tells critics to “go to hell.”

ANDY Muridzo has gone completely insane.And he’s not holding back when it comes to detractors.

He believes that certain people are following him and making his life difficult. The frontman of the Jeetaz Band has come out swinging.

His reaction to a conversation on the ZimCelebs platform in which fans were asked what type of employment advise they could provide Muridzo is cruel.

His message reads:

“@zimcelebs asked me questions, and I answered them. Zvechih**e hazvina basa zvese zvikutaurwa

“Just because I don’t share my life on social media doesn’t imply I don’t have one.”

“Parikungofa vamunoti mbinga?”

“My assets are superior to mamwe mapenzi akuhukura munomu.” Vana vangu vanodya vachiguta, collabo or no collabo.

“My parents are proud of the man I am. Ndovanhu vakakosha pa private life yangu.

“Iwe chako teerera music onyarara kana waida oisa like, kana usingaide oteerera waunoda not kuswerotisembura nekuti Andy this Andy that.

“Vamwe venyu…kurotomoka sembwa yapihwa mabhonzo ehove, kurai mhani ana mbudzi.

“Nyangwe zvamuchapindura nemiwo. Handidye kumba kwenyu.

“I do sold-out shows ende munotobhadhara chete kupinda saka medzai fridge.”

In an interview with H-Metro after his post, the crooner said he was not backing down.

“I have had enough of this and it seems people are making me a punching bag.

“Whenever I make a mistake, I admit, but there are times when I am roasted for things I have not done or said.

“I think its high time people give me a break or simply follow my music,” he said.

The award-winning star said his focus was on fending for his family.

“I have always said that I no longer want drama but it seems some people still want to see me being dragged in the mud.

“Like I said, it’s time people focus or my music or leave me alone,” he added.

His brand manager, Ronald “General” Mujuru, fought in Muridzo’s corner saying emotions were hard to contain.

“Well, I have seen the post, emotions are a normal part of who we are as humans.

“I would say the comments that followed after the Deny J interview have somehow triggered the emotional response from Andy.

“Just like anyone else, he is a human being with thoughts and feelings and he has just poured his thoughts on the matter,” he said.

General also clarified the singer’s relationship with Jah Prayzah.

“One thing I can assure you is he has high respect for Jah Prayzah and he has publicly acknowledged having been mentored and inspired by him.

“It’s unfortunate people take the slightest opportunity to fuel and stir a rift between the two instead of trying to find a unifying common ground for the two.

“I prefer that we leave things as they are in order to avoid unnecessary drama.

“I would rather devote energy in establishing a common ground for the two and let bygones be bygones,” he said.

Andy Muridzo is set to hold a show at Big Apple Nite Club in the CBD tonight.

Tomorrow, he holds another show in Murewa before taking a breather on Sunday.

He is also working on his forth-coming 10-track album titled Zunza due for release in August.

Maselo and T-Man are the co-producers.

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