Home LOCAL NEWS MUREWA DOUBLE MURDER . . . more details emerge

MUREWA DOUBLE MURDER . . . more details emerge

MUREWA DOUBLE MURDER . . . more details emerge

MUREWA DOUBLE MURDER . . . more details emerge

A sombre atmosphere engulfed Marumisa Village in Murewa as villagers gathered at the grisly murder of Felix Taonana Chiodza’s homestead as they waited for their suspected killer son Denford Nyamande to arrive for indications.

Nyamande, 35, who is alleged to have killed his father and his aunt Angella Bhunu, 89, of Chidziva Village, was arrested in Seke on Tuesday.

As villagers anticipated the arrival of Nyamande in the company of police for indications, the accused’s wife Maria Makoni, 41, was being quizzed for failing to disclose the alleged murder.

Kraal head Ambrose Marumisa, 42, told H-Metro that Nyamande appeared before his court seven times against the deceased.

“Villagers are angry with Nyamande’s wife for failing to disclose the Murewa double murder, arguing that it could have saved the aunt’s life,” said Marumisa.

“Nyamande has been at loggerheads with his father and they appeared before my court seven times although the other matters were pertaining to building his house at a place meant for a maize field.

“We have gathered here following reports from police that they were bringing Nyamande for indications and to record statements,” said Marumisa.

Indications are, however, said to be taking place today after police failed to bring the suspect yesterday.

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