Mupostori Cop accused of molesting 20 primary pupils denied bail

Mupostori Cop accused of molesting 20 primary pupils denied bail.

Constable Peter Muzulu (35) who is based at Mphoengs Police Station near Plumtree is alleged to have fo_ndled the bre_asts of 20 kids from Bulu Primary School near Plumtree. He is also alleged to have inserted his fingers into their privates before cautioning them to desist from engaging in s.e.xual activities. All the victims are between 11 and 15 years of age.

Mapostori Walking On Red Hot CoalsA polygamous ZRP officer stands accused of s.e.xually molest!ng 20 female students while investigating a case of s.e.xual abuse at a primary school will have to languish in remand prison after the High Court threw out his application for bail saying that he was not a worthy candidate for bail.

The constable who is a member of the Johane Masowe Apostolic Faith sect had applied to the High Court for bail after he was denied bail pending trial by the Magistrates’ Court arguing that he needed to provide for his large family as he has 7 wives and 15 children.

However, Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Justice Thompson Mabhikwa was not impressed by Muzulu’s argument and ruled that he should stay in prison. In handing out his ruling, Justice Mabhikwa is quoted by The Chronicle as saying,

It is clear that the State has a strong case against the applicant. When coupled with the fact that if convicted, he is likely to face a lengthy prison term considering the circumstances of the case, this may be an inducement for him to flee.

In the circumstances, it is the court’s finding that there are compelling reasons for the applicant’s continued detention. He is a flight risk and the application is accordingly dismissed,


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