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Mupedzanhamo vendors invade Hostels

Mupedzanhamo vendors invade Hostels

A HEALTH hazard looms as vendors have invaded Mbare hostel corridors as they wait for the reopening of the refurbished Mupedzanhamo market.

A number of vendors are displaying second-hand goods between the hostels where burst sewer pipes are the order of the day, touting for clients.

Food vendors have also paid a blind eye to the hazards as they prepare and serve food exposed to the dust and dirty water running.

One of the vendors blamed City of Harare for delaying the reopening of Mupedzanhamo risking people’s lives at the flats.

Mupedzanhamo vendors invade Hostels

“We have been patient for a long time and we cannot continue to stay home waiting for the reopening of Mupedzanhamo. That is why we are here,” said the vendor.

“Covid-19 is claiming lives but we also cannot be found dead due to hunger. That is why we have decided to display our goods at such dirty places.

“Vanhu havachina mari yekutenga zvitsva saka varikungotsika tsvina iyoyo vachitenga zvinodziya nembatya idzodzo.

“City of Harare are to blame because they failed to finish refurbishments ahead of the reviewing of lock-down measures to allow the informal sector to operate.

“We are surviving by paying bribes to some of the council workers, that is why they are sparing us from arrests.

We believe that they are making a killing through that. “The truth is that if Mupedzanhamo is reopened not all of us will operate since we are more than its holding capacity,” said the vendor appealing to city fathers to take action.