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Mum dumps severely burnt daughter

Mum dumps severely burnt daughter

A SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD Mvurwi girl who was severely burnt in a kitchen hut has finally received help.

Sharon Chirata of Elgin Farm, whose face and neck were deformed as a result of severe burns she sustained at the age of five when her mother had gone to the community bingeing (jiti) ceremony, is still hopeful.

She is set to undergo an operation on October 14, courtesy of Impala Car Rental.

The girl, who dropped out of school in Grade Six, touched many hearts when she recently appeared on ZBCtv appealing for help owing to her condition.

And as part of their corporate social responsibility, Impala Car Rental yesterday offered to meet hospital costs as well as sending her back to school under the Alfred Dondo Foundation.

“This girl was injured at the age of five when she was left behind, along with her twin sister Shelter, in Mvurwi after their mother had gone out for a traditional jiti ceremony in the area.

“We heard that Sharon was looking for food in their kitchen but when she was severely burnt by fire along with her twin sister Shelter who has since recovered from the burns.

“We had to trace them and we decided to take them to the capital where they are set to receive treatment,” said Impala Car Rental marketing executive Tracy Ngoma.

Ngoma said they have since contacted two medical centers in the capital where she is set to undergo plastic surgery. “After we made enquiries in the capital, one of the doctors offered to treat her for free, but as Impala we are going to meet her hospital bills,
transportation, basics as well as sending her back to school under the Alfred Dondo Foundation.

“We will allow them to choose any school of their choice near Mvurwi area where we are going to pay their school fees. “Prior to her return to school, we will make sure that she gets some rehabilitation at a better place so that she recovers from the trauma of stigmatisation.

“She has suffered a lot of stigma from other students who were looking down upon her,” she said. Sharon’s aunt Sheila Marimo, who has been taking care of her after she and her twin sister were reportedly abandoned by their mother, hailed Impala Car Rental for their efforts.

“As was said by my sister here (Ngoma), these kids were dumped at a young age and I assumed responsibility to look after her, but I am having difficulties since my husband is not working.

“I tried to reach out to their mother, but we don’t know where she is since she has been hopping from man to man.

“Sharon’s father died and other relatives haven’t assisted her and they seem not to care for her since she was deformed,” she said.

Marimo said she was upbeat Sharon would find her feet again and return to school. “Despite her condition, Sharon is an intelligent girl who loves gardening as well, but her condition doesn’t allow her to do work,” she added.

Impala Car Rental, which offers car hire services, has been doing a lot of charity work around the country.

In Chivhu, they run the Alfred Dondo Foundation, which pays school fees for less privileged children from ECD up to university level.

During lockdown, the firm assisted a number of struggling musicians comprising Patrick Mkwamba, Progress Chipfumo, Sam Mataure, Shiga-Shiga and his wife Susan after they appealed for help.

During the same period, they also helped elderly women and men who had appealed for help through the Tilda Moyo Show on Star FM.


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